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Understanding Ptosis

Ptosis surgery is a corrective procedure for drooping eyelids, medically known as ptosis. It aims to improve vision, enhance eyelid function, and restore a more youthful and alert appearance by lifting the upper eyelids.

Root Causes of Ptosis

Ptosis can occur due to aging, muscle or nerve issues, trauma, or congenital factors, leading to a drooping eyelid that can impair vision and affect facial aesthetics. The surgery addresses these functional and aesthetic concerns.

Identifiable Effects and Symptoms

The procedure's effects include:

  • Correction of the drooping upper eyelid.

  • Improved vision if obstructed by the eyelid.

  • Enhanced symmetry and appearance of the eyelids.

Effective Treatment Approach

Ptosis surgery involves adjusting the eyelid's muscle or tendon to lift the eyelid to a more normal position. The procedure is typically done as an outpatient surgery, under local anesthesia, ensuring patient comfort and a quick recovery.

Our Dedication to Quality Care

Our clinic specializes in personalized ptosis surgery, tailoring the procedure to each patient's specific needs and eyelid anatomy. Our skilled surgeons employ advanced techniques to achieve functional improvements and aesthetic enhancement, ensuring patient satisfaction.

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